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About Ready Set Resources

Ready Set Resources is a homeschool-family-run business that started out when our son was only one year old. We started out printing activity idea decks called, "Bright Ideas for Mommy + Me" (still available under the name "Bright and Ready") for birth through Preschool. As our children grew older (we have a daughter, too) we expanded the line to include activities for Reading, Writing, Math, and Thinking.

Price becomes a Club Mentor
Price becomes a Club Mentor, February 2012

Our older child, Price, at age 10 expressed an interest in public speaking, so we started a single homeschool public speaking club in 2008. After developing the system we rolled out our method in an ebook. Before long we decided to go international, and we created the Speakers League organization in 2011.

Kit, while Level IV, helped launch four clubs in 2014

Over the years, Price completed the four levels of Speakers League and became a Club Mentor for eleven clubs in Southern California. In late 2015 he joined the Ready Set Resources Education teaching team, part time, while attending college. Kit, our daughter is also a Club Mentor.

Our latest expansion is in offerings for debate and Speakers League clubs for younger children or those who need more time or assistance. We hope to roll out curriculum for them in 2017.

As you can see, homeschooling has shaped our family's lives, our business, and our future. 





"Speakers League is my very favorite homeschool program we do.
My son's, too. It's so awesome!”

Kasi Peters, Parent



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