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Debate League Winter Classic - December  2016

The Winter Classic is the 1st intra-club Tournament of the Debate League year. Each of our three clubs hosts one of the days. The team to accumulate the most ranking points over the three days wins the championship trophy. Individual trophies are also awarded. 

Each day has its own "Final." This video is from the third day's Final.

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California Homeschool Network Expo 2016
Debate Demonstration

Members of Debate League were invited to demonstrate debate, and had a lot of fun with the topic, "Homeschooling should be banned in the United States due to lack of socialization." It was standing room only! What side would you vote for?. 


SLAM 2016 Debate Tournament

Teams from Pasadena, South Bay, and Orange County faced of at the Speakers League Annual Meet (SLAM) on the topic, "Resolved: Gun control does not decrease gun crime."

This video features commentary before and after the debate by guest judge, Samantha Weiss. 


Funny moments from the 2015 Winter Classic

As the Debate League clubs from Pasadena, South Bay, and Orange County attempted their first tournament, some funny moments ensued. Here are some of those, for your enjoyment, and amusement! 


The Debate League Paper Shuffle

Have your debate materials ready before arriving at the lectern!


Debate League sportsmanship

After a great warm-up debate for our upcoming tournament, the competitors congratulate each other.


Debate League got koosh!

We have fun while learning the techniques of debate.











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