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"Both of my kids have benefited enormously from being in Speakers League and Debate League.” Peggy Wu, Parent











Pasadena Homeschool Debate League

Meets: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 1pm-3pm (Sept. thru May), plus Annual Conference second Saturday in June. (Instead of meeting during Thanksgiving and Christmas week, we hold a double meeting at the first meeting of those months.)
Place:  Knox Presbyterian Church, 225 South Hill Ave. Pasadena, CA 91106
Ages: Recommended for ages 12-17 (though capable younger children may join on a provisional basis).
Tuition: Click here for the tuition schedule. Financial aid available.
How to Join: Click here to start the registration process.

Debate League FAQs
Debate League Videos

What happens at meetings?

Meetings vary, in terms of the format, but, in Debate League, we use games, activities, and sparring to learn the relevant skills for debate, including speaking clearly, note taking (referred to as "flowing"), thinking on your feet, organizing your thoughts, and determining what's relevant in material. Debate sparring sessions are short, fun, and easy debates on topics that don't require research, e.g., cats vs. dogs, laces vs. velcro, homeschool vs. public school, etc.

Screen Shot 2015-09-24 at 7.00.21 PMWe also prepare for, and conduct, full, competitive team debates and tournaments. The specific style of debate we focus on is "Public Forum," a type of debate based on current events. We examine propositions, determine the issues at play, structure arguments and rebuttals, learn about effective cross-examination, conduct evidence research, crystallize/summarize the state of a debate, cite impacts, learn how to identify and combat logical fallacies, and understand the elements of judging. Members are usually called upon to debate BOTH sides of an argument and must prepare for both.

Debate League holds two major inter-club tournaments – the Winter Classic, held the second week of December, and the SLAM tournament, held on the second Saturday in June.

Additional debate tournament and scrimmaging opportunities may be made available based on interest.

2nd place at the SLAM 2016 debate tournament went to Jennifer and Emma.
2nd place at the SLAM 2016 debate tournament went to Jennifer and Emma from the Pasadena club.
Knox Presbyterian. Parking lot entrance off Del Mar.
Knox Presbyterian. Parking lot entrance off Del Mar.
Enter room at far left of image.
Enter room at far left of image.
Our room.
Our room.
A great location, with AC!
A great location, with AC!





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