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"In Skill Builders, my two children have grown in their confidence to speak on an impromptu basis and have enjoyed learning the various roles at a meeting, such as, Humorist, Timekeeper, Evaluator, etc.” – Diane S., Parent





















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What is Skill Builders Speakers League?

Skill Builders Speakers League clubs are a great place to learn public speaking skills, for children who need a little extra time or assistance. This includes younger children (beginning around age 6), but also older kids (up to age 17) who may be especially shy or have special needs. 

Skill Builders modifies the more businesslike Speakers League format of impromptu speaking, prepared speeches, and speech evaluation, by weaving in learning games and activities, and even a snack break, to provide a fun, individually-paced, progressively-challenging environment to learn typical Speakers League activities and meeting management.

Though Skill Builders clubs are adult led, the presence of a parent, or other adult aide, may be required to assure any needs are met that might arise for the member. (A parent or aide can attend to multiple children, if they are siblings.)

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Meeting information:

TBA (Launching in January 2018. Will meet twice a month, thereafter, between September and May).
Membership includes entrance to our annual conference held the second Saturday in June, where kids from all of our clubs participate in club educational and competitive activities.


TBA (probably Plano)

How to Join
You may join at any point during the year, as long as there is space.
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"Every session, my sons enjoyed stepping into a comfortable arena at Skill Builders where they developed not only public speaking skills but confidence in themselves." – Beverly R., Parent












What happens at a Skill Builders meeting?

In Skill Builders, each child is seen as an individual and is able to proceed at a pace that is right for him or her.

We modify the more-businesslike Speakers League format by weaving in learning games and activities, and even a snack break, to provide a fun, individually-paced, progressively-challenging environment to learn typical Speakers League activities and meeting management.

Members learn how to do meeting tasks, such as how to be a Vote Counter, Timekeeper, Evaluator, MC, etc., through a combination of reviewing their club member handbook, training videos, and practice activities in the club. Of course,  the club chairperson (the adult supervisor of the club) provides help where needed, as well as the parent or aide.

In addition to the meeting roles mentioned above, Skill Builders members periodically present prepared speeches, starting with the "All About Me" speech, and then the "Just for Fun" speech, and "Exciting Time," "Prized Possession," "How To," and "I Know a Lot About" speeches. Each 3 - 5 minute speech in the Basic Level is geared to develop a different presentation skill, including gestures, vocal variety, visual aids, etc. 

While many children in the club develop a readiness for a regular Speakers League club, and eventually transfer, some members remain with Skill Builders, because it remains the best fit for them.   

To see if Skill Builders is right for your child, click here to see our club readiness guidelines.

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Tell me about the teacher 

The adult supervisor of the club is called the club Chairperson. Skill Builders' Chairperson in Plano will be Julia Morgan. She homeschooled her two children who are in college now (SMU and Collin College). Julia is the founder of the Speakers League organization, and continues to work in consultation with people in the field of special needs to fine-tune the Skill Builders Speakers League curriculum.  Both professional and personal experience have given Julia the opportunity to learn how to tailor resources in academics for various abilities, which is the goal of Skill Builders.

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"I enjoy being humorist and my favorite time during class was when I was MC." – Isaiah, Age 9



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