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Bypassing or conquering a fear of public speaking can position children to succeed on many levels in life.

Speakers League

Speakers League youth public speaking clubs are a fun, supportive environment where kids can become more comfortable and confident with public speaking. Members have opportunities for impromptu speaking, prepared speeches, peer-to-peer evaluation, and more. Enrollment accepted year-round, as long as there is space in the club.

Our goal with our Speakers League clubs is to develop the public speaking and leadership skills of kids aged 10 and up. (Serious-minded younger ones are welcome too. Click here to find out if your child is ready.) We welcome homeschoolers of every stripe. We have independent homeschoolers and families who have joined different public and private school programs. We are a very diverse group. Everyone is welcome.

Practical, hands-on experience is where real learning happens. In Speakers League, members jump in almost immediately to manage the meetings and present before the group. 

Speakers League clubs develop:

Presentation Techniques

Mental Agility

Meeting Management Skills

Critical Thinking


Organizational Skills

Speech Writing Skills

Visit our Club Locator Map to find the club closest to you. You can also read more about what to expect and what to expect if you visit a club on our FAQ page.

If your child is high-functioning special needs, check out our Skill Builders club.

What happens at a typical Speakers League meeting?

Watch the 23-minute, annotated, meeting-highlight video, below, featuring kids in the South Bay club from May 2015. They range in age from 8 – 14. You’ll see how Speakers League provides training not only in presentation techniques, but also in leadership, meeting management, mental agility, critical thinking, and organization.

"Be on the lookout for Millennials who have participated in speech and debate training.  Hire them and put them on your leadership fast track."
- Robert Sher, “How to Find Millennials Who Will Lead Your Company.”
Forbes.com. March 2, 2014


Social phobias often start with shyness in childhood or early adolescence, and progress during adolescence, according to scientific studies. Bypassing or conquering a fear of public speaking can position children to succeed on many levels in life.

What's involved?

Speakers League clubs meet for an hour and a half, twice per month, between September and May (plus our annual conference on the second Saturday in June). Members receive a 45-page member handbook with details on meetings and how to do the club roles. There are also training videos. Members are scheduled in advance for meeting roles and newer members start with easier roles like Timekeeper, and Vote Counter, as they familiarize themselves with the club. There is an adult supervisor, but the  kids essentially run the meetings themselves. 

As space permits, we accept new members throughout the year. 

Click here to visit our FAQ page, for more info. 

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By deciding to join a Speakers League Club you are giving a gift to your child, positioning him or her to become a confident and poised leader of the future.