Which Speakers League club is the best fit for your child?
You should be able to answer “yes” to all skills required for the type of club.

 Speakers League
Skill Builders Speakers League
Reading abilityCan read well.Can read well, or with minor assistance.
Verbal abilityCan be easily understood, verbally, at all times.Can be understood verbally, more than half the time.
Participation readinessWilling and able to verbally participate during all segments of the meeting and for any assigned roles.Can quickly self-regulate, with or without assistance, to avoid episodes of non-participation or outbursts due to frustration.
Impulse-controlCan refrain from speaking out of turn and creating distractions.Can refrain from speaking out of turn and creating distractions, alone or with some assistance.
Task managementAfter reading or receiving satisfactory verbal instructions, does not require at-desk assistance to responsibly manage tasks.Can manage tasks responsibly, alone or with some assistance.
Knowledge acquisitionLearns and understands fairly quickly and picks up knowledge, well, through observation.Requires additional time, experience, and/or support to understand concepts and accomplish tasks. 
Attention and FocusCan listen critically and with training, provide meaningful, constructive feedback.Can observe a video of a speech, and with time and review, provide meaningful, constructive feedback.
Parental/Aide InvolvementDrop off member, or observe from the side or rear of the room. No verbal interjection during the meeting, unless at request of club chairperson.In attendance at all meetings and seated beside the member until he/she can manage items above without assistance.