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"Thanks for starting and building Speaker's League and Debate League. Hands down the best homeschooling education my boys had." - Patty B.














Did you know . . . ? is part of Ready Set Resources, a homeschool-family-run endeavor, that began when our son was only one year old and we created our Bright and Ready activity idea cards. When our son was 10 (and our daughter, 7), he expressed an interest in public speaking, so (as we homeschoolers tend to do when there are no offerings of that sort) we started our own homeschool public speaking club, in 2008. We still operate that first club and we've opened new clubs over the years so other kids can learn this great skill.

There was so much enthusiasm from families that we wanted to share what worked, so we eventually rolled out our club method in an ebook. But what most excited us was the idea of a network of clubs that could have events together and support kids around the world. That's why, in 2011, we created the Speakers League organization. Now there are clubs popping up all over the world and we had our first annual conference in Los Angeles in June 2016.

We began "beta testing" Debate League and Skill Builders clubs in 2015, and hope to start offering those materials to people who want to start those kinds of clubs in the next 6 - 12 months.

So, the thing to know is, if you join one of the clubs on this website, you are joining a headquarters club for the whole shebang! #cuttingedge



RSR SL Class Logos

Speakers League

Our Speakers League youth public speaking clubs are a fun, supportive environment where you can become more comfortable and confident with public speaking. Members have opportunities for impromptu speaking, prepared speeches, and peer-to-peer evaluation.

Recommended for children ages 10-17, though capable younger children may also join on a provisional basis (click here for guidelines). Enrollment accepted year-round, as long as there is space in the club.

Club Locations

North OC (Fullerton)
Long Beach/Lakewood
South Bay (Near 110 & 405)
Central OC (Tustin)
Westside (Near 405 & 10)

Click here for general information about Speakers League.


Skill Builders

Skill Builders Speakers League clubs open the world of Speakers League to younger children and those who need a little extra time or assistance to master the speaking and leadership skills learned through Speakers League. While still structured, Skill Builders uses simpler materials, “how-to” sessions, necessary breaks, games, and object lessons that help to build comfort with public speaking.

Recommended for younger children ~5-9 and those who need more time or assistance. Must meet our Skill Builders readiness guidelines. Parent-participation may be required. Max age 17. Enrollment accepted year-round, as long as there is space in the club.

Club Locations


Click here for general information about Skill Builders.

Click here for Debate League

Debate League

We use debate sparring, games, activities, and individual and team debates to learn the relevant skills for Public Forum debate (a style focused on current events). This includes examining propositions, determining the issues at play, structuring constructives and rebuttals, learning about effective cross-examination, conducting evidence research, crystallizing/ summarizing the state of a debate, learning how to identify and combat logical fallacies, and understanding the elements of judging.

Recommended for children ages 12-17, though capable younger children may also join on a provisional basis. Enrollment accepted year-round, as long as there is space in the club.

Club Locations

North OC (Fullerton) Pasadena South Bay

Click here for general information about Debate League.



Learn new skills related to public speaking at our upcoming workshops. Current and past workshops have included:

  • Introduction to Public Speaking
  • Creating a TED Talk
  • How to Use a Teleprompter

Some workshops available for adults as well as children. Click here to learn more.


SLAM Speakers League Annual Meet

Members of Speakers League and Debate League clubs from around the world are invited to our annual SLAM (Speakers League Annual Meet) — the culmination of a great year! Held the second Saturday in June.

Participants and spectators enjoy lots of fun activities, including:

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Humorous Speech and Impromptu contests
  • Workshops, panels, and other fun activities
  • “SLED” Talks (TED Talk type presentations*)
  • Debate League tournament
  • Officer recognition
  • Trophies

Click here to learn more.



Click the schedule image at the left to see when clubs and workshops meet.